Unconventional Productions

Better Prospect Engagemant and Improved ROI

  • Malik uses Tradeshow Magic to

  • 1)     Stop traffic with magic that communicates your message

  • 2)     Qualify visitors by asking the right questions

  • 3)     Introduce prospects to your sales team

Skill, wit and unique, visual, interactive entertainment capture the attention of prospects who, otherwise, would have passed your booth without notice. Your core message is made memorable with visual, high caliber magic. By learning the benefits of your product or services as well as what constitutes a great prospect, Malik is able to pass along the most qualified leads to your sales associates.

The result? Your sales team is busy talking to pre-qualified prospects, which Improves your closing ratio, and impacts your ROI.

Are you ready to take your exhibit to the next level? Talk to Malik today about the power of Tradeshow Magic.