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Increased Customer Attraction and Retention

Increase Customer Attraction and Retention

Malik Haddadi is a 10-year veteran of restaurant entertainment. His unique blend of comedy and magic has produced countless smiling faces in a wide variety of restaurants and lounges.

Strolling entertainment in restaurants, bars and lounges is a promotional tool with a proven track record of success. These are just some of the benefits that hospitality venues can enjoy by employing a strolling magical entertainer like Malik Haddadi.

Excellent Return On Investment

A strolling magical entertainer in your restaurant or hospitality venue can provide personal, interactive entertainment for your guests. This translates to a much better Return on Investment than a band or DJ. Guests can chose whether or not they want to participate in the entertainment.

 Attract and Retain Customer Base

Regular live entertainment at a restaurant, bar or lounge is an excellent way to attract guests, and to keep them coming back. Magical Entertainment has a proven track record of success in increasing business.

Special Treatment for VIPs

If your restaurant is host to a special guest or a special occasion, a visit from the house entertainer can add an unforgettable touch. The addition of a magical entertainment to your event services can make special occasions much more memorable for your guests.

Proven Public Relations Tool

Every restaurant occasionally has problems with service or seating delays. A magical entertainer can buy you the extra time you need to resolve an issue. The time delays from burned food or a dropped tray can be effectively minimized. A slow weeknight can be strengthened with an increase in traffic, or an already busy night can run more smoothly by keeping guests entertained while they wait for a table.

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